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Kings Music International



Capleton, "The Prophet" is currently the hottest entertainer in the worldwide reggae fraternity. Contact Peter Wardle at Kings Music International if you are interested in booking him in July or for Festivals or one offs.


Capleton is currently on tour in Europe. October / November 2013 Capleton and the Prophecy Band did another very successful major North American tour with Kings Music International that covered from San Diego, CA to Seattle, WA to Houston,Texas and New Orleans and from Burlinton VT to Miami, FL. Last August Capleton toured the European festival circuit. June 2013 after a 6 week tour in Europe and a short South America tour, Capleton passed through the Western US for festival appearances. He again proved his strength as a performer on these shows. In Jamaica artists are afraid to perform after him because he is a hard act to follow. 


October / November 2012 Capleton and his Prophecy Band did a major Kings Music International North American tour that was a great success. In Jamaica, he is one of the most popular reggae artists on the island. On the major Jamaican shows he is consistently towards the top of the billing. 


When Capleton dropped the tune Alms House in 1992, he established himself as more than an entertainer, but as a guiding light of righteousness through music. "United we stand and divided we fall," he sang for the benefit of his fans and dancehall comrades. "Nuff of them nah go know themself till them back against the wall." Other of his anthem songs are Lotion Man, Good So, Prophet, I-Testament, One Mission and  More Fire.


Many of Capleton's songs "and most of his critics" make mention of this blazing fire. Capleton hopes to clear up the confusion once and for all. "Is not really a physical fire. Is really a spiritual fire, and a wordical fire, and a musical fire. You see the fire is all about a livity. But is people get it on the wrong term. People get confused. So when a man say 'more fire' him think that mean say you fi go light the cane field or go light the church." Fire, Capleton explains, is a way of reminding one's brother that they are going astray. "That way a man know say him doing something wrong. That even give him the urge to know say Yo check up on yourself. What you're doing is not right, or else him would not say 'Fire fi dat,' or 'Burn dat' or 'More fire.'" "If we go check it back now," he continues, "fire is for the purification of earth, anyhow you check it. This earth itself have to even emerge from the literal fire also, which is the volcanic activity, we a talk bout lava. The hottest element to rise up in the morning is the sun. The water cleanse, but it's still the support from the fire that burn the water, burn out of the bacteria so the water coulda heal we fi cleanse. The herb heal, but it's still the fire fi burn the herb so the herb coulda heal we also."


To Book:

Phone: (510) 326-8445  or online at reggaeangl@aol.com

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